Jason's Training Log
Today I began my training to run in the Rocky Run that’s taking place on
11/10/2018.  Let’s go back to the start. One day I was on Facebook and
saw in my news feed that my friend Jeff was interested in running in the
Rocky Run event. I showed interest, and we chatted via text for a bit about
it, then went about our days as normal. Then, on 4/19/2018, I get a text
from Jeff asking if I was going to do the run and that today was the final
day to sign up for VIP. It didn’t take me long, but I ended up committing!
Then he told me that he was able to get his brother, Matt, another friend of
mine, to join. They both can pass for experts since they’ve been running
for years, but I’m a novice. It’s good to have a support group for anything
especially if it’s in an unfamiliar category. So back to my training
experience. I would have to say the management brought on by the app I
use is very helpful. It tells you when to start running and when to walk. It’s
kind of a running app for dummies. I felt very good all throughout. Yes,
there was a lot of heavy breathing, but I was in control the entire time. I’ve
tried running in the past and I always injured myself or threw my back out.
Yes, it can happen to anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I am
hopeful this time around that I will push through and succeed at this
journey. Please keep up with my pace on here, Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, or YouTube. Also, my music preference is going to be whatever
Psycho Steve plays on the podcast “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.” You
can also listen to the show on iTunes or SoundCloud. I feel very confident
that I will reach my goal and finish the Rocky Run!
Day 1:
April 20, 2018
30 minutes total
5 minute warmup
Alt 1 min run & 1.5 min walk for 20 min.
Day 1
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