Jason's Training Log
Over the weekend, I texted my brother in-law to see if he would want to
help me document video of my training. He agreed, but couldn’t do it until
the evening time. I felt it was better to train in the morning. So, I woke up
around 5am, the earliest I woke up so far this year...lol, got changed into
my running outfit, grabbed my phone and earbuds to listen to my favorite
podcast “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” hosted by Psycho Steve, then
headed out the door. If you like hard rock and metal with some insight into
your favorite bands from the 70’s to now, you should check out his show
on iTunes or SoundCloud! New episodes every Wednesday. Once I was
outside, it was still cool this morning, which actually helped motivate me
more to finish quick! During my run/walk I came across a bunny rabbit that
started running along side of me, which was awesome to experience for
the first time! Right away, I switched my phone to camera mode and began
taking a video and some images. That turned out to be the wrong decision
because the rabbit ran away, shortly after. I must say that was really cool
running along side a rabbit even if it was only for a few seconds! I don’t
think that would happen in Philadelphia where the Rocky Run is taking
place since it’s a city environment. You never know, though, anything is
possible! When I completed my training for the day, I felt out of breath, of
course, but not so much weak and tired. I was very energetic and ready to
start my day! If you don’t already, I highly recommend you get you heart
pumping fast in the morning by any type of exercise! It’s very beneficial all
Day 2:
April 23, 2018
30 minutes total
5 minute warmup
Alt 1 min run & 1.5 min walk for 20 min.
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