Jason's Training Log
Today, I woke up about 5am again. I wasn’t really interested in getting out
of bed, but I did anyway. It’s now or never! To start the day, it was raining
out. I began to think, “How am I going to do this?” I didn’t have a poncho or
a hood, but I did have an umbrella, so I went looking for 20 minutes! 20
minutes of my training time was delayed! In the morning, I am on a tight
timeline so this was not good! After I found an umbrella, I began my
training for the third time, all while holding an umbrella in my hand. It wasn’t
as difficult as it seems, considering it wasn’t that windy out. Although, when
crossing the street through intersections I felt the wind pick up a bit and I
had to hold on tighter. Anyway, I was able to make it through! Again, on my
path, a bunny rabbit appeared briefly out of someone’s driveway along
with a second bunny rabbit following behind. Maybe one was the bunny
rabbit I saw on my previous training day. So, I made it through day three
with flying colors. Since it was warmer, I was very tired and perspired a bit
more than usual. Due to the delay finding my umbrella, I made the
conscious decision to shower at work instead. Luckily, there is one there,
otherwise, I would not want to sit next to me all day! I emphasize again that
exercising in the morning is, in my opinion, the best way to start the day! I
highly recommend it! In an unrelated incident, (Although, my wife doesn’t
think so!) I injured my back about an hour later. Although, I can’t really
move a lot, I will do whatever I need to make me feel better and be ready to
train on schedule! Also, if you listen to music while running, or whatever it
is that you do to exert yourself, then check out the podcast “Hair Today,
Gone Tomorrow” hosted by Psycho Steve. Get it on iTunes or SoundCloud.
Day 3:
April 25, 2018
30 minutes total
5 minute warmup
Alt 1 min run & 1.5 min walk for 20 min.
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